Five Organizations that Implemented Online Voting Technology
By Jake Mahr on May 25, 2022

Five Organizations that Implemented Online Voting Technology

Organizations of all kinds leverage online voting technology for a variety of events, from annual general meetings to elections. Different organizations will also turn to online voting for unique reasons, whether it be to increase participation, to secure their online events against cyberthreats, or to meet sustainability goals.


Let’s take a look at how five organizations implemented an online voting solution, and the benefits they saw in return.


OIIAQ – Going 100% Online

The Order of Licensed Practical Nurses and Nursing Assistants of Quebec (OIIAQ) leveraged Scytl’s online voting technology to hold their 2019 internal elections. This event not only marked the first time the organization would be using an online voting system, but also the complete transition from paper voting to a 100% online election.


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“We thought that the transition process from paper to online voting would be difficult, but it was actually much easier than we imagined. We received far fewer assistance calls than we expected and were very satisfied with the quality of the system.”

Patricia Couture, Lawyer-Director, Legal Affairs Department and Deputy Secretary, OIIAQ


With a 15-day election period in which over 15,000 members were eligible to vote, Scytl’s online voting technology was customized to suit the OIIAQ’s needs, ensuring a seamless transition from paper voting.

Download the OIIAQ Success Case


Service Point – Facing Modern Challenges

Service Point Solutions, a leading benchmark company for thousands of international organizations in printing and document management services, was set to hold an Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting in March 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this meeting would have to be held online, something Service Point had never done before.


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To overcome this challenge, Service Point opted for Scytl’s Meeting Manager, an online voting solution designed specifically for meetings and assemblies with live voting. With Meeting Manager in place, eligible participants were able to access the voting platform through a URL on the company’s website. After a secure authentication process, shareholders were then able to cast votes while attending the integrated meeting video conference. Meeting Manager also enabled weighted voting and proxy voting, per Service Point’s needs.


Download the Service Point Success Case



Open Government Partnership – Flexible and Customizable

Every year, member governments of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) vote to elect representatives for their Steering Committee. In 2019, the OGP tasked Scytl with developing a secure online voting platform for these elections.



Scytl’s experts were able to launch the voting system, configured with election specifics and a secure credential delivery system, in less than 72 hours. The OGP was also given a 48-hour window to make any customizations they desired. Scytl’s online voting solution was completely tailored to suit the OGP’s election specifics, including a ranked voting system and multilingual capabilities. With the system in place, the elections achieved a 73% participation rate.




Download the OGP Success Case



ACTRA – Usability, Backed by Expertise

The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) elected to use Scytl’s Meeting Manager to hold a series of referenda. Among the advantages offered by Meeting Manager, including increased accessibility of the referenda to ACTRA’s 27,000 members located across Canada, ACTRA was particularly struck by the usability of the solution, and the high-level of support and experiential knowledge they received from Scytl’s team of online voting experts.


“The products were very easy to use for our member voters. All our requested changes were incorporated, and the voting process was smooth and concise. We were very impressed. Scytl even recommended creating a video for our members to assist them in navigating through the online voting portal, this went above and beyond the scope and was very successful.”

Stewart Manning, Human Resources and Operations Manager, ACTRA


Download ACTRA's Testimonial



University of Zaragoza – Boosting Participation

As was common over the past two years, the University of Zaragoza opted to hold their 2020 elections for university rector online after having initially postponed them due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With Scytl’s Invote Pro, the university was able to hold completely safe and 100% online elections with more than 33,000 eligible voters.



Transitioning to online voting resulted in a 132% increase in participation compared to the university’s 2016 elections. Some demographics, like that of tenured professors, had participation rates as high as 80%.


Thanks to the efficiency of online elections, preliminary results were calculated in under a minute. The electoral board then applied the necessary vote weights to each voting segment and published final results within 20 minutes.

Download the University of Zaragoza Success Case



These five cases highlight unique motivations to implementing online voting technology, and the benefits from its use. To discover more about what our online voting solutions can offer your organization, contact us today or request a demo with one of our experts.

Published by Jake Mahr May 25, 2022


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