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By Jake Mahr on December 16, 2021

Empowering Your Members with Online Voting

Ensuring members of your coop or credit union are heard


Election worldwide online voting scytl blogCredit unions and cooperatives rely on strong member participation in order to help drive future success. In fact, active participation from members is one of the key differences that distinguishes coops and credit unions from other organizations and businesses. This participation usually takes place during meetings and decision-making events where members can cast votes, such as at an Annual General Meeting.


However, there are a handful of hurdles that many coops or credit unions face and that prevent members from reaching their full participatory potential:


1. Distance and time: Coops and credit union members are often from wide geographic areas. When meetings and events are held in person, some members might not be able to take the time to travel to the event location.


2. Conflicting schedules: Depending on the size of your coop or credit union, organizing a meeting that accommodates all of your members’ schedules can be difficult, and some members might not have the flexibility to attend the event.


3. New standard for virtual events: Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp rise is online and virtual events. We are now accustomed to attending meetings through a video conference, and the expectation has been set for your members that your next meeting will include option for remote attendance. If it isn’t, they might feel less obligated to participate.

Is your coop or credit union currently facing any of these challenges?


Mobile online voting scytl blogLuckily, an online voting solution can help your coop or credit union overcome each of these hurdles and can lead to some additional benefits as well. With an online voting solution in place, your members can vote from their own personal devices, no matter where they are in the world. This ensures that all members can participate in your event, even if they can’t attend in person.


[Learn how the OAS FCU leveraged online voting for its 5,000 members worldwide]



Voting online can also make it easier for your busier members to participate as well. Participating in the event online does not require the additional time it takes to get to and from the meeting, saving hours if not an entire day, depending on where your members are coming from. You can also choose to have the online voting portal open for a certain period of time before, during, and after the meeting itself, giving your members the option to cast their votes when its easiest for them.


Finally, an online voting solution can help you coop or credit union meet the current demand for virtual and hybrid events. Most online voting solutions should be able to integrate with your preferred video conferencing solution, so your members will be met with a familiar meeting environment while being able to cast their votes through a secure platform that guarantees the integrity and secrecy of their choices.


With an online voting solution in hand, you can offer your members an accessible platform that encourages participation by making the voting process simple and convenient. As always, the most important factor in choosing the right online voting solution for your coop or credit union is the experience and expertise of the provider. Backed by a team of experts, you can be sure that the online voting technology is not only secure, but also flexible enough to meet your needs.


You can learn more about online voting for coops and credit unions here.

Published by Jake Mahr December 16, 2021


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