Online Voting for Every University Election
By Jake Mahr on October 26, 2022

Online Voting for Every University Election

Flexible solutions for any event


We have discussed in previous posts how an online voting solution can improve the electoral process for universities, whether you’re looking to streamline election preparation, increase participation, or boost security and protect your voters’ personal data. In addition to the advantages online voting technology can bring to a particular election, though, is the added benefit that the right online voting solution offers the flexibility to handle any kind of university election or vote. This means you can rely on just one system for all your voting needs. Let’s take a look at a few examples:


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Leadership Elections

One of the most common uses of online voting technology in universities is for the election of university leadership, including elections for presidents and rectors. These elections often vary between institutions and academic systems. In some cases, the entire university community is eligible to vote, including students, faculty, and staff. In other instances, a smaller group, such as a board of directors, makes the decision. Additionally, certain university bodies will hold regular leadership elections as well, including student government associations and faculty departments.


In each of these cases, an online voting solution is quite applicable. Ballots will be created with the nominated candidates, and voters will be able to securely cast their votes from any location and any internet-connected device. Your online voting system should also allow you to configure vote weights for different voter groups, such as for students and faculty, if needed. Results will then be instantly tabulated and can be published online and announced.



Board of Director Elections

A university’s board of directors often holds regular meetings and elections to both elect new members and to make key governing decisions regarding the university. As with the aforementioned elections, online ballots will be created with candidate names, as well as for other voting items. If you are planning on holding all voting during a single meeting, such as an AGM, you may wish to consider a Meeting Manager solution, which is specifically equipped for live voting.


Learn more about online voting for university boards of directors here.


University Surveys

Occasionally, your university may need to survey the entire university community or particular groups, like students. An online voting system can be particularly useful in these instances by helping increase participation, allowing you to gather valuable data from a larger swath of your community.


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Before procuring an online voting solution for such surveys, ensure it has all the capabilities you may need. These include a variety of question-and-answer types, such as multiple choice, sliding scale, ranking, and free-text, as well as the capacity to group voters if, for example, certain questions apply only to specific class years or to specific departments. You should also verify that an online voting solution can handle the number of possible participants in your survey. For certain universities, surveying the student body can mean thousands of possible votes and some online voting providers might cap their solutions below your needs.



With the right online voting solution in place, you can be confident in holding any university election or voting process. Better yet, you can use the same system for all your voting events throughout the year. Voters will have easy and secure access to participate from any location and preparing for the event is simplified at every step!

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Published by Jake Mahr October 26, 2022


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