A Voting System for Online University & College Elections
By Jake Mahr on July 18, 2023

A Voting System for Online University and College Elections

A look inside Invote Pro, by Scytl


Secure online voting technology offers higher education institutions a number of benefits, including greater efficiency in event planning, increased and lasting student engagement, and top-of-the-line privacy and security mechanisms to meet compliance standards and protect sensitive data.


Scytl’s Invote Pro solution has been designed with these needs in mind, resulting in an online voting system that is equipped with government-grade technology while still being practical and easy-to-use, at both the administrative and voter ends. Let’s take a deeper look:



Security & Privacy at Every Step

We know your institution’s voter and election data are important. Because of that, Invote Pro is outfitted with privacy mechanisms which ensure that all sensitive data is protected from start to finish. At an election-level, every ballot is secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning it can’t be tampered with and its contents remain hidden. All sensitive data outside of individual votes is also always processed in accordance with strict standards and regulations.


When a voter casts their vote, it is also signed with a digital signature, which helps ensure only eligible voters are participating in your event. After their ballot has been sent, voters receive confirmation receipts that allow them to verify that their vote has been cast correctly, offering transparency and building confidence in the voting process.



Greater Efficiency with Fewer Resources

Elections and voting events often require significant resources and complex logistics. Your institution might have an entire team of people who dedicate days of work to prepare for a single voting event, and with multiple elections for different groups each year, this time adds up.


With Invote Pro, the planning process is streamlined for efficiency, meaning your events are less time-consuming and require fewer personnel resources. When your election comes to a close, results are also automatically tabulated and quickly made ready for publication, saving your team not only time, but mental strain as well!


HARDWARE_DEVICE_tablet_election_planningAdditionally, holding online voting events can help your university or college reach sustainability goals by limiting your reliance on paper and other printing resources, including ink and toner.


Flexible Solutions for Any Event

With a variety of elections for different groups, including student governments, faculty senates, and alumni associations, universities and colleges require an efficient and flexible voting system. Invote Pro ensures that you can set up any election with ease.


With built-in options for various election, ballot, and question types, you can be sure that Invote Pro meets the needs of your different voting groups and their specific election rules. Better yet, the set-up process is the same for every election, meaning once you’ve done one, the next will be even easier!


Interested in finding out what Invote Pro can do for your university or college? Find out more on our website, and ask for a demo today!

Published by Jake Mahr July 18, 2023


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