Voting Online for Lasting Student Engagement
By Jake Mahr on May 16, 2023

Voting Online for Lasting Student Engagement

Increasing Participation in Elections and Decision-Making


An important goal for many higher education institutions is to increase and retain student engagement in key decision-making processes. When students freely and actively participate in such processes, they become more invested in the institution’s overall goals and mission and feel that their voices and opinions are heard. Engaged students also become engaged alumni, helping to drive the institution forward with their sustained commitment.



One sure way to help increase and foster both student and alumni engagement is to implement an online voting solution in your institution’s decision-making processes. Elections, votes, and surveys can all be conducted using the same online voting tool, meaning you can consolidate various processes within a single solution. An online voting portal is also easy to set up and minimizes time and resources spent while planning and organizing a voting event.


Let’s take a look at how an online voting system can help foster lasting student engagement:


Increased Participation

Online voting technology brings both accessibility and convenience to the voting process. Voters with disabilities can easily access an online voting platform with any assistive technology they require, and they can avoid the often-inaccessible voting materials and places required in paper voting processes.


CONCEPTS_IDEAS_voting_01Voters in general will also enjoy the ability to cast their votes from any location and at any time, using their own personal devices. This means that regardless of class schedule, workload, or other commitments, students can always find a convenient time to participate in decision-making processes, even if they are living or studying abroad!



Informed Decisions

The more students participate in votes and surveys, the more the outcomes reflect the wishes of the student body. Students will see a direct impact of their vote on key decisions that affect their lives at your institution.


In turn, these informed decisions will encourage students to participate in future decision-making processes as they recognize that their voice and engagement can have a direct influence in their everyday.


Retained Engagement

When students are familiar with the process of voting online and understand the value of participating in your institution’s elections and votes, they will have no problem or hesitation in contributing to decision-making processes when they become alumni.


Alumni can often influence an institution’s direction in impactful ways, so ensuring healthy engagement from a wide portion of the alumni body is vital for many institutions, and online voting can make alumni participation easier than ever!




While online voting solutions can have tangible effects on participation and engagement, it is always important to prioritize security in online voting technology, as sensitive information is often being transmitted. With the right provider, you can easily ensure the benefits of online voting while maintaining complete security and verifiability at all times.

Published by Jake Mahr May 16, 2023


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