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By Jake Mahr on September 28, 2022

Online Voting Add-Ons

Modernizing Your Election


Although we write a lot about online voting technology, there are a handful of other digital and online solutions that can simplify, streamline, and secure every step of the election process. More importantly, these solutions integrate seamlessly with online voting technology, resulting in a completely modernized election. However, they can just as easily be used alongside paper voting channels, and in hybrid elections as well. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular election modernization solutions:


Online Election Worker Training

Election and poll workers need to be trained prior to every election in order to ensure that voting is conducted properly and that the voting process runs smoothly. Traditionally, these workers would have to participate in scheduled training sessions, held in person. However, with solutions like Scytl’s Election Training, all training material can be uploaded to an online portal, and customized online courses can be created and assigned to each worker depending on their role.


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An online training solution not only offers election workers greater flexibility, as they can work on courses from their own personal devices at a time that is convenient for them, but also gives election organizers better oversight over the training process, as they can monitor course in real-time and communicate directly with election workers as needed.


Before the election, organizers can verify that every poll worker has completed the necessary training and that they have performed well in the courses. Later, when the election is over, post-evaluation surveys and analysis can be conducted to improve training for the next election.


Results Consolidation

After voting takes place during an election, tally sheets from each polling station need to be sent to central location so that the final results can be tabulated. Using an online Results Consolidation solution can greatly increase the efficiency and security of this transmission process. While certain technologies, like email communication, phone calls, and fax machines, have already been used to digitize the results consolidation process, an online solution provides heightened security as tally sheets can be transmitted in an encrypted manner and with digital signatures that are used to verify the validity of the results received.


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Election Night Reporting

Finally, once all the votes are consolidated and tabulated, it is time to share the final results. While election results have traditionally been shared with broadcast media, online Election Night Reporting solutions are now available to election organizers, allowing them to publish up-to-date results on customized websites, which can then be accessed by both media and the public. Along with the raw numbers, results are shared with intuitive graphs and maps that can offer different voting breakdowns and granularity. Furthermore, automatic reports can be sent to relevant stakeholders each time to results are updated.

With ongoing advancements in modern technology, there is ample cause to digitize, streamline, and secure our elections processes with solutions like Election Training, Results Consolidation, and Election Night Reporting. As with an online voting solution, it is always important to ensure your election technology provider has the experience and expertise to hand the specifics of your election, and that they demonstrate a commitment to both research and security, ensuring their solutions are ready to face the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Published by Jake Mahr September 28, 2022


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